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Process implementation in Bizagi

ID: 1396100601
Issued December 27, 2017
Learning Type: Online Course
Certification Type: National Certificate
Language: Persian
Course Duration: 2 Hours
Credential ID: 309/96/411/53311

Course Overview

Bizagi Studio enables business and IT teams to transform any business process and deliver end-to-end digital process automation across the organization. The platform’s powerful drag and drop interface makes automating Classic, Experience-Centric, Tactical or Ad-Hoc processes simple, creating personalized and contextualized experiences for knowledge workers. Bizagi provides a powerful integration layer follows a service-oriented architecture that supports different integration possibilities for the entire corporate solution. In projects where there is the need to integrate the Processes with existing applications (e.g., ESB systems), Bizagi's Integration layer presents multiple integration options. It is possible to invoke Web-based services (i.e., SOAP, REST) or APIs directly from within Bizagi Processes (i.e., dlls, jars).

The Faragostar Company, as a private joint-stock company, was established in 2001. Today, with more than two decades of continuous and dynamic activity, it is known as one of Iran's top companies providing business automation software. As a knowledge-based company, they have had the golden statue of consumer rights for five consecutive years. Faragstar's record includes implementing successful projects with large organizations and institutions like BMI (Iranian National Bank), Irancell. Currently, more than 2,000 organizations with an area of ​​450,000 users with Faragostar software have increased their team's productivity.


BMI is the first national and commercial retail bank in Iran. It was considered the largest Iranian company in annual income with a revenue of 364 657 billion Rials in 2016. It is the largest bank in the Islamic world and the Middle East. By the end of 2016, BMI had a net asset of $76.6 billion and a vast network of 3.328 banking branches, so it is known as the largest Iranian bank based on the number of assets. The BMI brand was recognized as one of the 100 top Iranian brands in the 10th National Iranian Heroes Championship in 2013. The National Bank has 3328 active branches inside, 14 active branches, and four sub-stations abroad, and it has 180 booths.

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