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Responsive Web Design

ID: 1400012301
Issued April 12, 2021
Learning Type: Online Course
Certification Type: International Certificate
Language: English
Course Duration: 11 Hours
Credential ID: 1162-15112012

Course Overview

Responsive web design is the practice of building websites that can adapt to every device and every screen size. During this course, we will learn how to build modern, responsive websites using HTML and CSS. As our course project, we will build a website from scratch and, as a bonus, we will add some functionality to it using JavaScript at the end of the course!
Solo Learn

SoloLearn is a free programming and coding education app designed to teach the basics of software development. Normally a time-consuming process, SoloLearn makes it quicker and simpler by breaking down programming concepts into easy, digestible, daily lessons.

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